About Batana
Benefits of Batana Oil

Batana Oil is extremely rare as the process to produce it is labor-intensive and for the most part done manually. However, the process is more than worth it. Did I mention, it's INCREDIBLE?

Found in the rainforest on the northeast side of La Moskitia, Honduras the oil is extracted from the nuts of the America Oil Palm Tree, also known as Elaeis Oleifer, the American Oil Palm is native to tropical Central and South America.

Each tree produces 10 to 20 very large bunches of fruit each year, from which 2 to 4 liters of raw oil can be extracted. The fruit is boiled and then pounded to remove the orange outer shell. The nuts are washed, sun-dried, and cracked using a stone to release the kernel which is cooked over a fire until the oil is extracted. Finally, the oil is poured into glass bottles where it cools into a thick paste.

The Miskito people of the region harvest the Batana Oil, and are commonly called “Tawira” which means “the people of beautiful hair”. They credited the beautiful look, length, strength, feel and color of their hair to the use of Batana Oil and call it the “Miracle Oil”.

The Miskito people trace their routes back to African, Native American, and English descent. Their territory extends from Cape Camaron in Honduras to Rio Grande de Matagalpa in Nicaragua along the Mosquito Coast in the Western Caribbean. Their population is estimated at 180,000 people as of 2016.

Some of the benefits of Batana Oil include:
*Revitalize your hair's appearance with more body, thicker and fuller hair.
*Restore beauty, promotes lustre and healthy looking hair.
*Repairs and nourshies damaged hair.
*Assists as a natural dye for grey and white hair.
*Moisturises dry hair, scalp or skin.
*Assists with the appearance of skin blemishes.
*Exfoliates skin and restores radiance. 
*Makes skin feel fresher and smoother.